Venus of Urbino (source: Wikipedia)

Venus entered Aquarius yesterday for a three-week stay.

With all the activity in Capricorn over the past few weeks, a change like this might be welcome. Many of us have probably been yearning for connections with others while engaging in the sort of condescending behavior that sabotages those connections. We tend to use others for emotional gratification when Venus transits Capricorn. It can be a frosty sign. Still, if you scrape away the frost there is some genuine warmth there.

Aquarius is a little different. Emotional detachment is one of the hallmarks of the sign. The distance created isn’t a defense mechanism like it is with Capricorn, but a natural state of affairs for a sign that is connected with intellect rather than emotion.

That’s not to say that people are going to be less emotional during this brief transit, but it may be easier for many of us to separate intellect from emotion. Maybe we’ll be able to take a step back and analyze our relationships for what they really are before the planet slips into Pisces and we start to perceive our relationships for what we would like them to be.

I’ll discuss this more in a couple of days when the sun enters Aquarius.

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