Kameron Westcott (source: Bravo)

January 18 is Kameron Westcott’s birthday.

While I may be the president of Team Capricorn, I know that I’m not going to want every Capricorn to be a member of my club. Kameron Westcott of “The Real Housewives of Dallas” is one of those Capricorns I could do without.

After discovering that today is her birthday, I had a look at her chart. It’s no surprise that she has both the moon and Mars in Pisces. Her fondness for the color pink was written in the stars.

I suppose that I could take it if that was her biggest fault, but it isn’t. She is as vapid as the day is long. Unfortunately, I don’t have a time of birth to put her natal planets into context. To be honest, though, I really don’t want to know that much more about her, anyway. She’s everything I hate about rich, banal women tied up in a sparkly, pink bow.

Capricorn housewives have traditionally had something to offer to the “Housewives” shows besides set decoration, but Westcott is the exception. Sure, there may be more odious characters out there (Vicki and Kenya, I’m looking at you), but there aren’t many other housewives that are as obnoxious in their uselessness than Kameron Westcott.

Why is she even on the show?

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  1. What is interesting about her is how well she has studied the blonde role and created and adheres to a character. She has decided this is her job and she does it well. A lot of her statements and especially the occasional deadpan humour suggest a different underlying personality— and I see Court occasionally annoyed when she puts the persona on unless he is also playing along. People have said she is like an alien playing the role of a human being and this isn’t far off— I think she’s a pretty rational person playing a blonde amalgamation of Elle Woods Paris Hilton and every other pink sparkle collar puppy toting icon. When I, too, have a house worth north of 7 million and a great ski house in Aspen I’ll be in a position to criticise, but you certainly can’t say she isn’t a typical career focused Capricorn. Her career has just been been very consciously crafted and created through creation of a character, and it has paid well. She’s also very devoted in her roles of wife and mother— she has an important philanthropic position in Dallas society and takes it seriously. This is all classic Cappy.


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