Lin-Manuel Miranda (source: Rolling Stone)

January 16 is Lin-Manuel Miranda’s birthday.

I’ve never been compelled to look up Lin-Manuel Miranda’s birthday before. I like the guy, but Broadway is pretty far away from me, so it’s a genre that I don’t follow closely. For all I know about him, he might as well be a K-pop star.

But I did notice that Alexander Hamilton’s birthday was just a few days ago. So I decided to do a little comparison of the two “Hamiltons.”

Lin-Manuel Miranda has a lopsided chart with the sun, the moon and Mercury in Capricorn, and Mars, Jupiter and Saturn in Virgo. If his time of birth on is correct (which I am skeptical about because it is listed as 11:00 AM on the nose), his elevated moon is conjunct his midheaven. It’s an earthy chart and the chart of a perfectionist. I’m not surprised that he is starring in a show that he wrote himself. I have a ninth-house, elevated moon and I’m the king of independent side projects that sometimes pay off.

Alexander Hamilton, curiously, had the sun, Mercury and Mars in Capricorn, and the moon in Virgo. I don’t know enough about the man himself (maybe I should go see the stage show), but I do believe it’s more than just a coincidence that there are a few things in common between Miranda and Hamilton.

Just before I composed this post, I went back to see who I profiled last year and saw that I discussed Ethel Merman. As is the custom on my blog, I compared the legendary star to myself when I realized that she shares a few chart elements with me. That got me thinking! I’m a writer. I need a job. I’m not shy in front of a crowd. Perhaps it’s my destiny to write a musical called “Merman” and perform it on Broadway.

Finally, my life is beginning to take on a sense of purpose. I knew that if I stuck with astrology, the stars would eventually reveal my destiny . . .

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