The Solar System (source: Astronomy Now)

In a few hours, while I’m leading a spin class at the YMCA, the moon will move into Capricorn for a couple of days, joining the sun, Mercury, Venus, Saturn and Pluto in the great planetary pile up of 2018.

It’s hardly going to look like a car wreck, though. In fact, it should be quite the opposite. Capricorn is the sign of discipline. With Mars and Jupiter in Scorpio (another sign that can be described as “restrained”), most everyone will be on their best behavior. I honestly believe that Tuesday’s new moon will provide us with a cosmic “power day” to make achievable resolutions and plot out a more-expeditious route to follow in the future. It can mark the beginning of new journey if we allow it to.

Why do I believe that? Well, the same sort of thing happened in 2000 when seven planets all crowded into Taurus. I brag about my good memory all the time on this blog, but I believe that certain things stick in my mind for a reason. I remember standing outside the YMCA in early May of 2000 as the sun was setting. For a short while, you could see Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn in the sky along with a sliver of the moon. Mercury was supposed to be there, too, but it was too close to the sun to see with the naked eye. As an astrologer, I knew what was going on, but I believe that I was informed of the visibility of the event by Jack Horkheimer’s “Star Gazer” show on PBS. Google that, kids.

As I was standing there, an acquaintance of mine walked up and asked why I was staring at the sky. I told him what I was looking at, and he stopped for a moment to witness this once-in-a-lifetime event. It was nice to share something like that with someone.

Not long afterwards, I got to know this guy a little more. I even did his chart, discovering that we were an awful lot alike, with cardinal sun signs, our natal moons in Cancer and Libra ascendants. Although he was younger than me, we were both west-end kids. We both called that location of the YMCA our second home. He became a spin instructor, too. He worked in New York at the same time that I worked in New York. He even hurt his back at the same age that I hurt my back — an injury that strangely managed to change my life for the better. He’s actually going through this ordeal right now. I ran into him around Christmas and he explained to me that he was undergoing rehabilitation in a very similar manner to my successful rehab more than a decade ago.

It’s all sort of strange because I have memories that seem pervasive, and then have memories that seem profound. This stargazing episode was the latter. It stuck with me in a way that makes me think that there must be greater reason for me to remember it the way that I do. I even feel the unseasonable warmth of the evening when I think about it (the weather can be horrible up here in May). I believe that our lives are intertwined in a way that I don’t yet understand. I suppose that sounds flaky, but the more I learn to trust my instincts and ignore what other people think of my flakiness, the happier I seem to be. My life becomes more purposeful when I ignore so-called “reason.” And whatever anyone else believes, that hardly makes into an “unreasonable” person.

Anyway, I’m going to keep my eyes open over the next few days. These planetary pile-ups don’t happen regularly enough for me to predict that something memorable is going to happen again, but I am going to remain open to the possibility that something could happen. I suggest that you keep your eyes open, too. Things like this don’t happen every day, so trust yourself to recognize the important things. In other words, keep your eyes on the road this week.

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