Anders Christian Madsen & Sarah Mower (source: Vogue Italia)

January 3 is Sarah Mower’s birthday.

It’s no secret that I adore Sarah Mower. She’s not only my favorite fashion critic, but she’s the sort of person who actually does things to make the world a better place instead of just talking about making the world a better place. As I prepare to celebrate both my birthday and my twenty-seventh anniversary as a volunteer with the YMCA this week, I am I proud to say that I have a lot in common with the nicest person in the fashion biz.

Thanks to Instagram, I discovered that Sarah’s friend Anders Christian Madsen is also a Capricorn. Madsen has recently joined the team at Edward Enninful’s “British Vogue” as a fashion critic. Suzy Menkes, the online editor-at-large for the international editions of “Vogue,” is also a Capricorn.

So, what makes a Capricorn a good fashion critic? I suppose that my fellow goats share the one talent that I believe makes me a passable fashion critic: the ability to look at something and assess if it is timely or not.

I could go on all day about status and/or the relationship between art and commerce (all Capricorn concerns), but it really all comes down to timing. We Capricorns understand time better than anyone else in the zodiac. Therefore, when Sarah Mower writes a review of someone like Michael Halpern, for example, and she mentions that something about his disco revival seems right at the moment, she’s probably right. It’s a gift from the heavens, and something that separates many of us goats from the rest of the herd.

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