Uranus (source: Wikipedia)

Just the other day, I promised to keep the bad jokes coming regarding the zodiac’s most hilariously-named planet. Now I think I should write a book called “Probing Uranus” just for the comic value of the title.

Anyway, Uranus went stationary direct this morning. What does that mean for you and the rest of the assholes out there? Not much. Uranus spends about half of it’s time in retrograde motion from the perspective of earth. Astrologically, it’s not that significant in a birth chart unless it’s personalized, although it can be important to a particular generation of people. For instance, I was born when Uranus and Pluto formed a few conjunctions in 1965 and 1966. As Pluto is currently forming trines to that conjunction, most fifty-one and fifty-two year old people will be feeling what I’m feeling lately: a genuine urge to transform one’s life by following a different path. I’m not in this alone.

Of course, there are plenty of those generational aspects an astrologer can look at when they give your natal chart the once-over. But a good astrologer won’t dwell on those aspects unless they are significant in that particular chart. My Uranus/Pluto conjunction occurs in my eleventh house. Therefore, it is personalized by house placement. I am probably feeling the aforementioned Pluto trine more acutely than many of my peers. Several of my previous posts on this blog will confirm that fact.

Now, back to Uranus. Uranus doesn’t move as slowly as Pluto, but it does creep along at a relatively slow pace; many of us don’t even live long enough to experience a Uranus return. For that reason, a station isn’t going to be a big deal unless the planet is sitting on a personalized point in your chart. That means it should only be interpreted as a considerable force in major aspects within tight orbs, or if it crosses back and forth over a house cusp during its retrograde cycle. Otherwise, its influence should be considered in broad, general terms.

Of course, I’m just talking about the planet’s effect in natal chart interpretation and simple predictions using transits. I won’t speak for those astrologers who cast progressed charts or people who practice more-elaborate predictive techniques. They can stay in their lane, and I’ll stay in mine.

So, if you’re looking up in the sky today to see what’s going on, don’t spend too much time probing Uranus. And — whatever you do — make sure you wash your hands when you’re done.

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