Christmas Abbott (source: Self)

December 20 is Christmas Abbott’s birthday.

I rarely miss an episode of “Big Brother.” During this past season, however, I missed a couple of episodes when no one I liked remained in the house. Christmas Abbott was one of those remaining contestants.

When the show premiered three months earlier, Christmas was my favorite. I love a competitor on a show like “Big Brother” or “Survivor,” and I hate it when people float to the end. The self-described “badass” was going to have to play hard because she was an obvious threat: one of the most-athletic contestants ever cast on the show.

Then, just a few weeks into the competition, she broke her foot. Able to compete, but not able to compete in the way she had planned to compete, Abbott’s future in the game was up in the air. Yet she adapted her strategy in a manner that took her all the way to the finale where she placed third.

Now you might believe that seeing her get to the final episode was also a win for me because my pre-show favorite was almost the winner of the season. However, nothing could be further from the truth. The more I got to know Christmas, the more I grew to resent her. In the “Big Brother” environment, she revealed herself to be quite a different person than the inspirational character she pretends to be on Instagram and in her self-help books.

I don’t like her. I believe that she has an unpleasant personality — it’s just that simple. So I looked at her chart to see if there was anything I could glean from the positions of her planets. I have no birth time to place the planets in the houses, but she most likely has a Libra moon, Mars, Saturn and Pluto. She also has Venus in Aquarius, making air the predominant element in her horoscope. Also, all of her natal planets are concentrated within a 123° area of her chart.

It’s a shallow chart that exemplifies the worst of Sagittarian bravado and Libran superficiality. I know that she wants her fans to believe that she has dug deep within herself to find the best part of her personality after a lifetime of struggles, but I don’t really buy it after watching her reveal her true colors on “Big Brother.” I don’t believe that she is an awful person, but I do think that she is as fake as the day is long. Frankly, her natal chart says the same thing.

It’s been a long time since I’ve really savaged someone in one of these profiles. I actually feel bad about doing it, but it needs to be said. Saturn entered Capricorn last night. As I have written in several of my posts over the last few weeks, authenticity is going to be the order of the day in this new cycle. I don’t believe that Christmas Abbott is a terribly authentic person, so I guess I’m just letting the universe tell me what to write. I’ll discuss that a little more in my next post.

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