Alyssa Milano (source: ABC)

December 19 is Alyssa Milano’s birthday.

I had no idea that Alyssa Milano is a Sagittarius. I should have figured it out because she’s been all over the media for the past couple of months. Something was going on in her chart!

Of course, that something is a 27°42″ Sagittarius natal sun: almost exactly the place where Mercury crossed Saturn in late-November. And if her birth time on is correct, she also has a 23°07″ Sagittarius ascendant. That makes her first house sun and the degree where it sits even more powerful in her natal chart. What’s more, Saturn may have unlocked all the unpleasant — yet ultimately productive — events in her life when it opposed it’s own natal position and her natal moon. While Donald Trump was being elected in November of 2016, this fateful aspect was almost exact in her chart.

Seriously, this is a case study for the ages! Milano is a Sagittarius with a Gemini moon. Trump is a Gemini with a Sagittarius moon. They couldn’t be more different astrologically, and at the moment, each of them represents one side of the ideological spectrum.

Of course, I’m on Milano’s side. She’s become one of my heroes. I’m already a big “Project Runway” fan, and I’ve always enjoyed looking at her, but there’s something unique in our own charts (this is the part where I start to talk about myself, as is the custom on my blog). Her Jupiter is conjunct my sun, her sun is conjunct my Mercury, her Mars is conjunct my Neptune, and her midheaven is just two degrees off my rising degree.

I’m going to try to figure out a way to send her a copy of my book. Ever since the horrible astrology challenge on “Project Runway,” I’ve believed that my brand of fashion astrology would make a terrific challenge on the show. It wouldn’t be difficult to improve upon the dress that Michael Kors described as “pooping fabric,” but that’s beside the point. I’d love to see the designers have to use the parameters of astrological style described in my book to create a garment. Really — why haven’t they called me already?

Now back to Alyssa Milano. This ain’t over. She’s got an interesting year ahead of her. Jupiter will soon makes conjunctions with both her natal Venus and Mars in Scorpio. Saturn is going to trudge through her first house for a while before it conjuncts her natal Jupiter. I expect she’s going to have some highs and lows in the near future, but the highs are going to outnumber the lows by far. Hopefully, receiving a copy of my book will be one of the latter.

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