Teddi Mellencamp (source: Bravo NZ)

In the beginning, there were four Virgos: Lisa Vanderpump, Camille Grammer, Kim Richards and Adrienne Maloof. While none of them ever really went away, only Lisa Vanderpump remains as a regular cast member of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.”

But what’s strange is who has replaced them. It all started with the addition of Lisa Rinna. Then Erika Jayne came along, followed by Dorit Kemsley. And tonight, on the season eight premiere, Teddi Mellencamp joins the RHOBH as the fourth Cancer housewife.

The only other show in the franchise that is as heavy with a single sign is “The Real Housewives of Dallas,” where three Gemini women share the cast. I suppose that you could say that the number grows to four when Andy Cohen joins them at the reunion shows, or eight when you invite all of LeeAnne Locken’s alternative personalities.

Anyway, it’s going to be interesting to see how these Cancer women interact. So far, they all have allowed typical Cancer defensiveness and occasional oversensitiveness to define their storylines. I’m actually a little afraid for Kyle Richards. She’s a Capicorn — the opposite sign of the zodiac from Cancer — so there is great potential for conflict this season. There have been plenty of times on this show when the odd-one-out didn’t make it through more than a few seasons (Scorpio Brandi Glanville; Libra natives Carlton Gebbia and Kathryn Edwards; Gemini natives Taylor Armstrong and Eileen Davidson; Aries Joyce Giraud). Yolanda Hadid, a Capricorn like Kyle Richards, made it through four seasons.

Essentially, this has been the Virgo, Capricorn and Cancer show, and it looks as if that isn’t going to change any time soon. I’m looking forward to it. Watching the Aries and Libra women fighting in Orange County is getting tired. Watching the Dallas Geminis duke it out this past season was more fun. But nothing compares to watching the Cancer women of Beverly Hills. I predict that this is going to be one bitchy season.

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