Tina Turner (source: Metro)

November 26 is Tina Turner’s birthday.

It’s nice when I’m looking through celebrity birthdays and I come across someone iconic. It’s even nicer when that person has a lifetime of achievements to discuss. When I Google a particular date and the first forty people who come up are social media stars who have virtually done nothing of note, it doesn’t give me a lot of hope for the future.

Tina Turner is a supernova in a galaxy of dim, unremarkable stars. I’ve never looked up her natal chart, and I discovered a few interesting things. Her chart is quite mutable, with seven planets in mutable signs. Of course, she has a Leo rising — what else could explain those wigs?

The other factors that jumped out at me are a couple of near-exact aspects between the swift-moving planets. Turner has the moon opposite Mercury. In a nutshell, the aspect indicates a constant battle between the head and the heart. Both planets are weakened by placement (the moon in the tenth house; Mercury in Sagittarius), but the power of the aspect cannot be denied. However, it can be controlled with the sort of introspection that comes with age. Tina Turner is known to be a rather spiritual person. Without her connection to Buddhism, I doubt that she would have been very successful in life. People with the moon opposite Mercury require purpose — spiritual or otherwise. Without purpose, they become distracted by their own inner dilemmas.

The other aspect I noticed is a square between the sun and Mars. Again, the planets are not strongly-placed (the sun is weakened in the fourth house; Mars is weakened in the seventh house), but the aspect is within a single degree. It’s a hot-headed aspect, imparting an individual with qualities that represent the “worst of Mars” and the same sort of negative traits that are typically associated with Aries. Most of all, it can make someone quite reckless in their youth. It can allow an individual to make some terrible decisions before they begin to comprehend the role they play in their own destiny. It’s an aspect that can rob someone of both foresight and perspicacity.

I had no idea that Tina Turner had attempted suicide when she was twenty-nine. She has the natal chart of someone who could have succumbed to her worst impulses before the age of thirty. Thankfully, she learned from her mistakes, eventually figuring out how she wanted to fit into the world. It should give anyone experiencing a Saturn return hope for the future. Sometimes it takes longer than the first three decades of your life to put the worst of yourself behind you.

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