ricardo-montalban-chrysler-cordoba-ad (1)
Ricardo Montalbán (source: Curbside Classic)

November 25 is Ricardo Montalbán’s birthday.

Just the other day, I wrote a little about “cultural appropriation” and how I relate the topic — for better or worse — with Sagittarius. Unfortunately, topics like that go right over the heads of many people, especially youthful, idealistic Sagittarius types.

It’s interesting that Ricardo Montalbán was a Sagittarius. He was already a star long before I was born, but I remember him being everywhere when I was young. The thing that kids might not understand today is that I had no idea where Montalbán was from; I just accepted him as that suave, foreign guy with a smooth accent.

The world was a different place in the seventies and early eighties when Montalbán was at the peak of his career. There were not a lot of foreign actors working in Hollywood, and the few who did seemed to have a similar Jack-of-all-ethnicities résumé. They would play whatever role they were offered with relish. Montalbán, for instance, was an Italian movie star in “Sweet Charity,” a Japanese businessman on “Hawaii Five-O,” an Indian madman in “Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan,” and the pitchman for “rich Corinthian leather.” Corinthia, by the way, is in Greece. I think I remember him playing an Arab Sheik, too.

The funny thing is that Montalbán has a natal chart that indicates the sort of versatility and ambiguity that defined his career. His planets are quite evenly spread out in a splay-type configuration. A splay chart is actually rare because it’s far more common to have stelliums present in a natal chart because of the proximity of Mercury and Venus to the sun. With those three variables relatively close to one another most of the time, the chances of having a splay-type chart are reduced substantially.

But not in the case of Montalbán. Astrologically speaking, he was a little of everything, with his planets well-spaced and well-aspected throughout his chart. In my new book, I discuss how easy it is for a Sagittarius native to take on various roles. Montalbán was no exception. Fortunately for him, he was born in an era where he could be anything he wanted to be.

Oh, how times have changed!

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