Daphne Guinness (source: daphneguinness.com)

November 9 is Daphne Guinness’ birthday.

I was going to include Daphne Guinness in the celebrity profiles of my new book, but I changed my mind at the last minute. While I made a conscious effort to discuss many individuals who would only be familiar to people in the fashion business, Daphne Guinness seemed to be a little too obscure. I hadn’t heard anything about her in a couple of years.

I emailed a friend in the UK to find out what Guinness had been doing lately, and she told me that the one-time fashion icon had set her sights upon becoming a pop star. Well, that was a strange turn of events.

Guinness’ natal chart on astrotheme.com doesn’t include a birth time, so it is difficult for me to put her recent reinvention into context. Her chart is interesting, though. She has Mars in Capricorn and four planets in Virgo. I connect Virgo with the notion of conceptual, avant-garde dressing in “Star Struck Style.” Mars in Capricorn reveals intensity of purpose and determination. Combined with her Scorpio sun, Mercury and Neptune, I suspect that she’s kind of a hard-ass and probably quite difficult to please. Her Aquarius moon accounts for her rather visionary approach to fashion and the air of detachment given off by the heiress.

I could be all wrong, though. What really interests me about Daphne Guinness is her relationship with Isabella Blow, another Scorpio fashion icon whose relationship with the world of couture has become the stuff of legend.

Blow’s birthday is in ten days. I’ll revisit this topic then.

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