Doutzen Kroes (source:

January 23 is Doutzen Kroes’ birthday.

I have some controversial opinions about the sign of Aquarius. One of them is that Aquarius is the sign of Hollywood-style glamour. The reason I say that is because that style of glamour is a commodity. It’s the most conventional approach toward style.

Aquarius is typically known as the sign of unconventionality. But I believe that there is a tug-of-war between conventionality and unconventionality with most Aquarius natives depending upon whether or not they feel the effects of Saturn on their character, or whether they possess a more Uranian personality. Some sort of walk a middle line between the two, and to me that results in a rather Bohemian expression of personal style.

I’ll probably delve more-deeply into these three types over the next month, but for now I want to return to today’s birthday girl. Doutzen Kroes is the most-commercial model in the world. She is as conventionally beautiful as any model who has ever walked the earth, and she seems to be as normal as they come.

Her birth chart indicates about a 40/60% chance of her possessing an Aquarius moon rather than a Pisces moon. I’d better on the former even though the odds aren’t with me. She’s a poster girl for Saturn-ruled Aquarius types. I’d love to know her birth time because it would confirm my suspicions.

Call me, Doutzen!

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