86th Annual Academy Awards - Show
Ellen Degeneres (source: Huffington Post)

January 26 is Ellen Degeneres’ birthday.

The three biggest factors in determining a personality profile of an individual are the sun sign, moon sign and rising sign. Without an accurate rising sign (and the house placements afforded by an accurate rising sign), it’s easy to go to the sun/moon combo to draw up a relatively-precise profile.

Yet in fashion astrology, I like to look at the placement of Venus in relation to the sun. I’ll also look at other dominant factors when I’m not sure that I’ve got a verifiable birth time. Ellen Degeneres’ chart on astrotheme.com indicates that she was born at 3:00 AM. Whenever you see that someone was born exactly on the hour, it’s usually a red flag that you’re working with an inaccurate birth time culled from memory, rather than with an actual fact.

So I’m not even going to look at Ellen’s rising sign or house placements. I’m going to look at her Aquarius sun and Venus. I’ll also consider her Aries moon and the close conjunction of Mars and Saturn in Sagittarius.

This is a chart that speaks of rampant individualism. It not only belongs to someone who is politically active and politically motivated, but also to someone who is inherently practical in the way they think. If I didn’t know whose chart it was, I would guess that it belonged to someone who likes fashion for the opportunities it presents them, but I would also presume that it was someone who didn’t like to dress up.

I adore Ellen’s sense of style. It always makes me laugh to see her put on a dress because it seems so wrong when she does. She really knows who she is, and that’s always the thing that separates the best-dressed celebrities from the worst-dressed celebrities. I can tell when someone is nothing more than the creation of their wardrobe stylist, and I can tell when someone looks exactly how they want to look. With the independence of Sagittarius, Aquarius and Aries highlighted in her chart, Ellen obviously looks exactly how she wants look.

Now if I could just confirm that birth time . . .

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