Alexander Wang (source: Harper’s Bazaar)

December 26 is Alexander Wang’s birthday.

Wang has an interesting chart. I don’t have a birth time for him, but the odds are that his moon is in Libra (he would have been born before 3:19 AM to have a Virgo moon). At the most, his planets occupy only 115º of the zodiac, spanning from the moon in late-Virgo or early-Libra to Mercury in mid-Capricorn.

Bundle charts are supposed to indicate specialization. Wang has become a specialist in the category of fashion known as “athleisure.” I didn’t like him when he first broke onto the scene because I saw him getting praise for marginal work. He was putting his name all over products before his name had any genuine cachet, and he was making terrible choices when it came to the fabrication of his garments. But the press loved him because the people who were praising his clothes were mostly the sort of people who would never wear his clothes in the context that they were meant to be worn.

It was lucky for him that the success of his business allowed him to grow as a designer very quickly. Like a typical Capricorn, he felt the need to live up to his own hype. The improvement in the quality of his work and the quality of his garments seemed to occur almost overnight. When he was appointed to Balenciaga to succeed Nicolas Ghesquière, I wasn’t surprised.

I also wasn’t surprised when he left the label. Capricorn natives do make great employees, but when they’ve already got a namesake brand to run, I don’t see many of them moonlighting on the side. But Wang was probably looking for something other than a part-time job when he first accepted the position at Balenciaga. A Capricorn individual will readily trade their time for something that benefits them. It doesn’t have to be money.

The idea that Capricorns are greedy is unfounded. The truth is that they understand the value of time and that they’ll pay their temporal dues without hesitation. Now that Wang has essentially ended his “internship” at Balenciaga, he is producing the best work of his career. That is something I would expect from a Capricorn.

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