Krysten Ritter (source: Esquire)

December 16 is Krysten Ritter’s birthday.

Of all the Marvel TV shows and movies, “Jessica Jones” is my favorite. I liked how dark and moody it was, even though so many of the dark and moody moments took place in the light of day on the streets of New York. The lead character was an unlikable bitch, but it was easy to understand what made her into an unlikable bitch. The villain actually had the best motive of all Marvel villains: he was a childish lunatic who liked to get his own way.

I had never bothered to look up Krysten Ritter’s chart until now. I’m not really surprised that she’s a Sagittarius. The only time I ever saw her in an interview, she was good-natured and funny — the complete opposite of Jessica Jones. Ritter is a decent actress because I expected something else before I got a glimpse of her off-screen persona.

She does have all of her natal planets in a tight bowl pattern (about 150°). Bowl patterns can reveal a lot about an individual, but it’s really not wise to interpret them without an accurate birth time. You need to ascertain the hemisphere accentuated by the bowl, otherwise you’re just making a shot in the dark.

I’d like to speculate a bit more about her, but there’s not that much to go on.

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