Milla Jovovich (source:

December 17 is Milla Jovovich’s birthday.

Milla Jovovich is another multiple-slash Sagittarius star. The model/actress/musician/designer has been doing a whole lot of everything for almost three decades now.

I often use the term “Jack of all trades” to describe both Sagittarius and Gemini natives. I don’t mean it as an insult. Usually people who follow up the phrase “Jack of all trades” with the words “and master of none” are just jealous of people who refuse to fit into a mold.

With Sagittarius individuals, I see their innate wanderlust evident in the way that they pick up extra slashes as time goes by. Geminis, on the other hand, just refuse to be labeled — even at an early age. A Sagittarius is like a boy scout who is not only eager to earn his badges, but proud to display them. A Gemini kid is more likely to drop out of the troop altogether because he is annoyed by the idea of following someone else’s master plan. For that reason, I do believe that Gemini natives are more likely to give credence to the “master of none” expression.

I guess I just picked a side . . .

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