Roberto Cavalli (source: Wikipedia)

November 15 is Roberto Cavalli’s birthday.

There’s a common misconception in astrology that Scorpio is the “sexy” sign. While Scorpio is associated with the eighth house, and the eighth house is associated with sex, I don’t see a lot of Scorpions letting it all hang out. In fact, I see plenty dressed like Roberto Cavalli in the photo above. Head-to-toe black can be a lot of things: mysterious, restrained and — yes — even sexy.

I don’t discuss Cavalli in the Scorpio chapter of my book. Along with Donatella Versace, I assign him to Aquarius chapter where I discuss both cinematic glamour and so-called Bohemian style. What’s interesting, though, is that I associate Scorpio vibes with Milan itself and the overall mood of Italian fashion.

I’d explain myself more thoroughly, but then you wouldn’t need to buy my book. And believe me: you need to buy my book. I’ve seen what you wear . . .

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