Louise Brooks in Diary of a Lost Girl, by GW Pabst.
Louise Brooks (source: World of Wonder)

November 14 is Louise Brooks’ birthday.

I don’t know why a know-it-all like me didn’t realize that the two most famous bob-wearers of all time, Louise Brooks and Anna Wintour, share the same zodiac sign. In my new, nearly-finished book, I actually advise Scorpio women to choose a distinct hair style that people will associate with them. I know, right?

Sometimes I’m amazed by my preternatural ability to connect fashion and astrology. I even wonder why it’s taken so long for someone to come up with similar theories on astrology and aesthetics. But then I look at my fellow astrologers and it all makes sense. Have you seen those people? Yechh!

Oh, I shouldn’t be so shady. I’m sure that most of them are lovely people — if you can just get past the unshaven armpits and Birkenstocks . . .

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