Whoopi Goldberg (source: Dlisted)

November 13 is Whoopi Goldberg’s birthday.

I admit that I’ve grown to accept Whoopi Goldberg’s wardrobe. As the saying goes,”It is what it is.”

She’s a Scorpio with a Scorpio moon, a Scorpio Mercury and a Scorpio Saturn. If I can trust the birth time listed on her chart on astrotheme.com, she also has an Aquarius rising sign and Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto in Leo. That’s seven out of ten planets in fixed signs and a fixed rising sign! Even if I suggested a wardrobe update, she wouldn’t listen to me. I don’t imagine she listens to anyone. If it wasn’t for Venus in Sagittarius nearly conjunct her midheaven from the tenth house, she would be completely intolerable. It softens up her attitude. It’s probably the reason she starts every sentence she speaks on “The View” with the words “I’m sorry, but . . .”.

I do like some of the things that she’s been wearing lately. It may have taken a lifetime, but I actually believe that her sense of style is finally coming into its own.

There’s a rumor going around that she’s leaving “The View” after this season. Around the same time, Jupiter begins to make a series of conjunctions to all those Scorpio planets. It’s going to be a lot to handle, especially for someone who is remarkably defensive and inflexible by nature. If the same thing was happening to me, I’d take a year off to travel the world. I know that she hates to fly, but when the universe tells you to spread your wings, you ought to listen.

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