Brandi, Kim & Carlton (source: Bravo)

November 16 is Brandi Glanville’s birthday.

I’m a big fan of many of the “Real Housewives” shows. I’d love to write an astrology book about housewives themselves, except that I can’t bring myself to watch every show in the franchise. “Orange County” and “New Jersey” are just a little too low, even for my low, low standards.

“Beverly Hills” is one of my favorites. While I wasn’t sad to see Brandi Glanville fired from the program because of her inability to get along with most of her cast mates, I do miss her. She liked to describe herself as a “truth cannon.” The truth, however, is that she often used her big mouth to lash out defensively at her costars in manner that was both immature and ill-mannered.

In real life, Scorpio natives are usually quite good at keeping their thoughts to themselves. In the Bravo universe, on the other hand, Scorpio housewives represent the worst of their sign (both Bethenny Frankel and Ramona Singer have Scorpio sun signs). Enough said!

Brandi has a Pisces moon that accounts for her sensitivity to criticism. In the future, she would be wise to cultivate some of her other chart factors, including Venus in patient Libra and Jupiter in grown-up Capricorn. To be honest, she has the chart of someone who should be good at being a grown-up. Without confirmation of her birth time, I can’t really jump to any more conclusions about her character. She’s off the hook . . . for now!

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