Looking back at this post (and some other posts I published about Venus’ transit through the ninth house), I have to admit that I don’t really spread my wings and fly away when the ruler of my ascendant enters this part of my chart.

Star Struck Style

Common Grackle (source: Eagle Times)

If I was a bird, I’d probably be a grackle. They like to spend their winters in Las Vegas and their summers in Western Canada, just like me. I actually have a Jared Lang shirt that looks just like a grackle’s plumage. I didn’t realize that until now.

But I digress! The reason that I was thinking about birds this morning is because I just read the following passage on “The Dark Pixie Astrology” describing the ingress of Venus into my ninth house:

“When transit Venus is in your 9th house, you want someone who is free as a bird and can take you along on their fun adventures. If they can expand your mind, make you see things differently from the way you have before, and open you up to new ways of thinking and living, you’ll follow them anywhere. You could take…

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