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Jupiter enters Taurus tomorrow in this part of the world.

The last time Jupiter was in Taurus was pretty good for me. I was the star of the show at my place of work, and I ended up moving into another department at the end of that year-long transit where I became an even bigger star. The time before that was in 2000. Curiously, the day Jupiter moved into Taurus was also the day of the deadline to submit the final draft of my first book to my publisher.

I hope that I’m in a similar position again, considering how much trouble I had at work just a few weeks ago. But things have changed rapidly in my world, and I’ve got some major action occurring in my tenth house of career. My horoscope hasn’t looked this fortunate for as long as I can remember! What’s more, when Jupiter does turn retrograde in September, it will be at the degree in Taurus that is exactly trine my natal sun: 15°35″. That’s got to be good, right?

I did poke around the internet this morning to see what everyone else is saying about the ingress. One passage on “Café Astrology” struck a chord with me:

“With the planet of freedom in a sign that’s particularly self-interested, we must avoid overdoing the focus on self. While we’re developing our self-image with Jupiter in Taurus, and it’s a vital process, we should watch for over-valuing our personal experience at the expense of others. Let’s face it, too much self-focus can be detrimental to the individual as well. Healthy self-interest should be the goal during this cycle.”

I kind of feel as if this blog has already taken me into this territory. My intention was to use it as a tool to sell my book while discussing the things I love, but lately it’s just been me discussing me. On the other hand, many of the posts that bring traffic to this site are those discussions; people want to know how particular transits played out in practice rather than theory! Striking a balance between “healthy self-interest” and creating compelling content needs to be my goal over the next year with Jupiter transiting my solar fifth house: the place where I show off my talents.

Have you set a goal for this astrological new year? This Friday, when the new moon in Taurus arrives is a great time to declare your intentions to the universe. Don’t forget that Jupiter squares Pluto immediately after entering Taurus, and that Mars opposes Pluto and squares Jupiter this weekend. Your declaration to the universe might be followed by a crisis that makes it seem like you’ve failed almost as soon as you started, but don’t despair! Things are changing quickly, and a minor setback is just that: a minor setback. Taurean tenacity is the quality to cultivate over the next twelve months. Just keep pushing forward.

How do you feel about this shift in the stars? Are you as optimistic as me about your prospects over the next twelve months? Let me know in the comments section or on one of my social media pages.

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