The new moon in my eighth house is still five days away, but after a month marked by several episodes of misbehaving, maybe I should work on my “self mastery” again.

Star Struck Style

Self Mastery (source: YouTube)

The new moon in my eighth house arrives tomorrow about the time that I’ll be getting out of bed. “Café Astrology” describes the event as follows:

“This is a time of empowerment. It is a good time to focus on issues of intimacy as well as developing self-mastery skills. You may experience increased awareness of others — what makes them tick — as well as your own internal motivations during this period. It is a time when intimacy and deep levels of sharing are heightened. It is also a favorable time to start a financial plan, savings plan, take out a loan or consolidate, and do work in accounting.”

I’m not sure if I’ll be working on my “self-mastery skills” because I’ve got the whole week off to work in my yard. Instead of a ninja sword, I’ll be wielding a garden fork and some…

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