Aria Las Vegas (source:

I’m still counting down the months until I go to Las Vegas again. Today marks five months until my next trip.

With Jupiter moving into decadent Taurus today, and me being a Capricorn with Libra for a rising sign, I should be entering a phase where my decadent nature is even more challenging than ever to suppress. Jupiter will be transiting my seventh house for much of the time it spends in Taurus, and that will likely exacerbate the issue.

Nevertheless, I don’t mind giving into my decadence. I can usually behave myself, although I am prone to outbursts of extravagance when don’t feed the more-hedonistic part of my character. For instance, I’ll stop buying potato chips for months at a time, and then when I finally give in and pick up a bag, I eat the whole thing at once. It’s not a good strategy for me to completely deny myself the things that bring me pleasure because I tend to go nuts when I finally do allow myself to give into them.

For that reason, I hope that I don’t go crazy in Las Vegas. I don’t believe that it’s wise for me to leave thirteen months in between my trips there. I really need to start planning to visit two or three times a year again. More regular trips might stop me from obsessing over the object of my obsession.

Or maybe not. I guess I’ll find out soon enough . . .

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