Ambition (source:

My love affair with cheesy stock photos continues . . .

Anyway, “Ambitions” is the title of my horoscope on tomorrow that describes Mars’ ingress into my tenth house. It reads as follows:

“More than any other, this influence arouses your ambition to achieve. If you can identify with a project, you will work extremely hard at it until it is done. It is especially important now that you find an independent project that requires your individual initiative and effort. You should try to gain independent authority in your work at this time because you are not likely to be very tolerant of other people’s authority over yourself. You prefer to be your own boss. But your energy will make an impression upon people who are in a position to help you, as long as you do not challenge them unduly. Conflicts with coworkers may arise if they feel threatened by your efforts to get ahead. You should try to play down such conflicts unless something real is at stake.”

I had a terrific day at work yesterday while Mars was actually moving into my tenth house. I feel as if a switch has been flipped now that my former manager has been shown the door. The mood of everyone in my immediate environment has been elevated, and my ambition to lead us all into a more harmonious place has escalated.

With Venus joining Mars in my tenth house in about three weeks, I am expecting these good feelings to be the new normal for a while. In the meantime, I’m going to take the advice this forecast offers to avoid making any power plays. I don’t get paid enough to be the big boss, so why would I want to take on that responsibility?

For now, I just want to be happy to go to work again. I think that can happen!

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