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The sun opposes my natal Neptune tomorrow. Because Neptune moves so slowly, anyone around my age is going to feel the effects of this annual transit. Anyone just a bit older than me will feel it just before I do, and anyone younger than me will feel it shortly afterward. For that reason, I’m not going to put a lot of stock into the significance of the transit because Neptune is not personalized in my horoscope.

But what if it was? Just a few posts back, I asked if Neptune is considered to be a malefic because I keep coming across interpretations of transits involving Neptune that are exceedingly negative. The opposition I refer to in the title of this post is a negative aspect that pits the energy of the two heavenly bodies involved against one another. Nevertheless, some of the passages I read involving positive aspects to Neptune are just as unfavorable.

I know that the planet can muddle one’s thought process and blur the lines between what we consider to be right and wrong, but it isn’t inherently negative. As a Capricorn who implicitly understands the nature of Saturn, I’m constantly attempting to champion the slow and steady character of the planet while calling its effects “ultimately productive.” Some astrologers don’t see anything good coming from Saturn transits and they can’t help themselves from demonizing the planet. They do the same thing to Mars, the zodiac’s other “malefic.” I’m starting to see them do the same thing with Neptune in the age of internet astrology.

No planet is inherently good or bad. Saturn can be “ultimately productive,” but it can also slow things down to a snail’s pace to make them seem as if they’re never going to get any better. Mars can be warlike and antagonistic, but it can also be energetic and a catalyst for initiative. Neptune also has both positive and negative traits. It can be dreamy and romantic, and it can be a source of endless confusion that often compels us to seek unhealthy methods of escapism.

Anyway, this is just an observation of a shift in the way that the astrologers of today seem to be vilifying Neptune. Maybe I’ll reread this post in ten years and discover that the problem has gotten worse, or maybe I’ll revisit my blog and realize that this was just a temporary abberation in the way we view the planet. I guess I’ll find out soon enough . . .

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