Star Struck Style

1067717-800wSaskia de Brauw (source:

April 19 is Saskia de Brauw’s birthday.

What is going on this week? Every time I look up a natal chart, I can’t find an accurate time of birth, and the default chart on has the moon (or some other planet) sitting right on top of a sign cusp.

Take Saskia de Brauw’s horoscope, for example. At noon on the day that she was born, the moon was at 0°11″ Scorpio, opposite her 29° Aries sun. At least I can confirm that her sun is in Aries because it didn’t exit the sign in the Netherlands until the next morning.

Nevertheless, the model does have a unique chart. She was born during a full moon. She has both Mars and Venus in their respective rulers (Mars in Aries and Venus in Taurus). Both Jupiter and Saturn were retrograde in Libra on the day…

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