Since I wrote this post in 2019, Haider Ackermann has been in again, out again, in again, out again, and finally in again. Something in his chart has him experiencing career highs and lows on a regular basis. I wish that I knew his time of birth so that I could put all these ups and downs into an astrological context.

Star Struck Style

ok-site-1000x550Haider Ackermann (source: LVMH)

March 29 is Haider Ackermann’s birthday.

I think the world of Haider Ackermann. He’s one of those designers who came out of the gate swinging. From the first moment that I saw one of his shows, I knew who he was as a designer, and yet he continues to move his aesthetic forward in order not to bore his audience.

Something funny happened while I was writing my latest book. I had sent out a few chapters to friends that I could trust to give me a critical evaluation of the manuscript. One is a prominent force in the fashion business and a fellow Capricorn. We not only share our sun signs, but we also share a distinct disdain for Aries individuals in general. While reading the section about designers in the Aries chapter, she actually sent me an email that read “Oh no! Not…

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