Calendar (source: HR Insider)

I held a staff meeting at work last week and a couple of people who work for me had to leave early because of Ramadan. The next day, one of my employees let me know that she was trading a shift with someone in order to get Orthodox Good Friday off. That got me thinking about holidays in general and astrological “holidays” in particular.

Of course, I know that there isn’t such a thing as an astrological holiday. But astrology is a belief system — my belief system — and if I approached the HR department at work to let them know that I was taking a day of for an event that I regarded as a holiday, I don’t believe that they would be able to refuse my request.

So, if you were to request a day off, what day would it be? A celebratory day like your solar return (also known as your birthday)? A troublesome day like a Mercury station? A day that you were destined to be a grouch, like during a tense Mars aspect to Saturn?

I’m curious to know your thoughts about this. Drop me a line in the comments section or on one of my social media pages.

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