Money (source: Daily Hive)

Last year on March 31, I published a post where I declared that I wasn’t feeling very lucky despite a few planetary alignments that would have normally had me pushing my luck. I need to watch my urge to gamble when Venus and Jupiter are forming harmonious alignments in my horoscope. The two planets often make me believe that things are going to go my way. And then they don’t . . .

Anyway, Venus catches up with Uranus in my eighth house today. The conjunction makes a bunch of favorable aspects to many of my natal planets, so I wouldn’t be surprised if something lucky happened to me out of the blue today or tomorrow. Nevertheless, I’m committed to paying my bills at the moment, just like I was last year at this time. For that reason, I don’t believe that I’ll be taking any chances with my money today.

However, I am going to get out of the house to see if I can stumble across some good fortune at the big mall by my house. I’m not sure what to expect. I just know that I need to get out and about. And maybe I’ll get lucky in another way! A few years ago around this time of year, I ran into a friend at the mall who ended up giving me a job that I really enjoyed. As long as I don’t fixate on the idea that “good luck” means attracting money, perhaps this conjunction will be as fortunate as I wish it would be. Both Venus and Uranus are personalized in my natal chart, after all.

Wish me luck!

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