Tension (source: Massage Experts)

Mars in Gemini will form a square to my near-exact natal Pluto/Chiron opposition over the next several hours. This aspect can be a source of major tension, so I’m going to have to be on my best behavior. I’m more concerned about a confrontation developing between me and the primary source of stress in my life than I am about how I behave in tense situations.

This is actually a generational aspect because anyone born within a few months of me in 1965-66 will be feeling the same way. I believe that many of us have had it with particular people in our lives whose behavior has been especially egregious over the past few months. Mars’ seemingly endless transit through Gemini may have focused that anger on Gemini individuals who have been acting with impunity since the red planet entered their sign last August.

I’ll be the first person to admit that they’ve been a pain in my neck (my massage therapist worked on my neck extensively last week), but I don’t need to allow them to cause me any more tension than they already do. For another four weeks or so, that might mean acquiescing to their demands or just ignoring them altogether. Whatever keeps me from tensing up every time I think of them will be a valid coping mechanism.

The one thing that is really keeping me from blowing my top is my faith in the notion that these people are about to get what they deserve. It’s already been happening while Pluto is preparing to leave their Karmic eighth house. Gemini natives Boris Johnson and Kanye West have already experienced a well-deserved Karmic reckoning. Laura Ingraham’s lies were exposed to the world just a couple of weeks ago. American Senator Mike Lee was proven to be a duplicitous liar and a terrible actor during Joe Biden’s State of the Union address. The likelihood of others like Donald Trump getting what’s coming to them seems greater every day. Just yesterday, Gemini cartoonist Scott Adams got “cancelled” for being a racist prick.

I’ve got a few Geminis in my own life that I would love to see get “cancelled,” but that won’t be up to me. For that reason, I’m just going to have to find a way to follow my own advice. I need to make sure that they don’t continue to be the main source of tension in my life.

I’ve only got four more weeks until the universe begins to resolve this issue for me. I think I can get through this without blowing my entire massage budget in the first three months of the year, or at least I hope I can. I guess I’ll find out soon enough . . .

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