Star Struck Style

509646820 (1)Veronica Webb at Yeezy (source: W)

February 25 is Veronica Webb’s birthday.

Veronica Webb actually has a couple of birth dates floating around the web. I believe that today is the correct date, but Astrotheme has her chart up on the site with a February 23 birthday.

Here is why I believe that is wrong. The February 23, 1965 chart gives the legendary model a Sagittarius moon. Adjusting the chart to February 25, 1965 gives her a Capricorn moon unless she was born very early in the morning. Even if that’s the case, the latter birth date also puts her sun and Mercury practically on top of Saturn in Pisces. It creates a powerful stellium.

With all that Capricorn/Saturnian energy in her chart, it makes her more like me (we are from the same generation and we share most of our outer planet placements). The reason I believe she…

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