Star Struck Style

muddy-the-mudcat-statueMuddy the Mudcat (source: Trip Advisor)

Here’s a photo of Muddy the Mudcat. Muddy is the mascot of a town called Dunnville in Ontario, Canada.

The reason that I posted a picture of Muddy is that I was just looking at my ephemeris and I realized that almost all the planets are in Capricorn or Pisces. All that earth and water together can only result in one thing: mud.

I actually like the way that Capricorn and Pisces work together, so maybe this is what I need to break away from the ennui I’ve been feeling for the past couple of months. Like a lot of people who live in northern latitudes, winter starts to get me. It isn’t until right around this time of year — when the sunshine seems to intensify — that I start to awaken from my long winter slumber. Coincidentally, the sun enters my…

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