Flexibility (source: pexels.com)

Transiting Saturn forms a sextile with my natal Mercury early tomorrow morning. This aspect has already been affecting me for a week, and it will continue to do so for about another week. I should have seen it coming, but I have so many different things occurring in my chart simultaneously that I missed it entirely.

The funny thing about that is that this is an alignment that might make me unable to see the forest for the trees. Somehow I just missed this one tree while I was staring at all the others.

Anyway, my astro.com horoscope seems quite prescient considering the week I just had. It interprets the rather infrequent aspect as follows:

“At this time your thinking has settled into stable patterns, and not very much is changing in your mind. But you have discipline and concentration, which enable you to get a great deal of work done. You have a clear idea of what you want to achieve intellectually, and you are willing to work for it. This is an excellent time for any long-range planning that requires great attention to details. It is not so good for the kind of planning that requires you to see the larger scope all at once and handle it as a single system. This influence favors any kind of work involving organization and restructuring. It is excellent for most business transactions, especially those requiring carefully thought-out plans for development. It is not so good for risky or speculative investments, because your level of intuition is lower than normal. It is also a good time for serious study and difficult mental work.

Your views about the world have reached a point of stability, so you act from a consistent position. You believe that you understand what the world is about and you operate on that basis. Obviously this can create some problems. If your mental patterns become too fixed, you close out viewpoints and opinions that will help you grow. Narrow-mindedness is a danger with this influence. You can either organize your knowledge into its most useful form, or you can cut yourself off from knowledge through intellectual rigidity.

This influence sharpens your critical faculties. Your standards are very exacting, and you are likely to judge everything by them. Consequently you are very quick to see exactly what is wrong in any situation. But here again there is the danger that critical thinking may become an excuse for nit-picking and narrow-mindedness. You can too easily learn to see the flaws in everything before you see the strengths, which makes your world seem a great deal more imperfect than it is.”

I have been somewhat inflexible regarding a particular issue at work. Unfortunately, I was put into a position where I needed to discuss the issue with someone in the room who did not belong there. That left everything unresolved and now I’m feeling as if I was perceived as possessing “intellectual rigidity” when I was keeping my mouth shut for a different reason altogether.

Yikes! Why didn’t I see this coming? Oh well! I knew that this was going to be a consequential month, and it’s still not even close to being over. Today, Venus moves into my sixth house and the sun moves into my fifth house. Am I going to reevaluate my behavior again once those transits occur? I guess that I’ll find out soon enough . . .

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