This major shift in my horoscope is only three weeks away. With Uranus currently forming a trine to my natal sun, I’m eager for a change. In the meantime, I might do a deeper dive into this subject to see what the other astrologers have to say. Stay tuned!

Star Struck Style

Ego (source: Screen Rant)

Here’s a photo of Kurt Russell in “Guardians of the Galaxy.” His character’s name is “Ego.” I barely remember anything about the movie.

Anyway, I was Googling the word “ego” to look for a photo to illustrate this post because I noticed that Saturn is getting pretty close to the cusp of my fifth house. In about six months from now, it will enter that part of my chart.

I’m actually looking forward to the transit. Saturn’s transit through my fourth house has been everything it was supposed to be. I don’t view Saturn’s transits as negative events. In fact, I prefer to use the phrase “ultimately productive” to describe the influence of the ringed planet. I’m a Capricorn, so I understand the slow and steady nature of Saturn implicitly, as if it was programmed into my DNA. In fact, the interpretation of this period…

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