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Earlier this morning, I published a post about Mercury’s upcoming conjunction with Pluto in my fourth house. While I’m still concerned that this annual event is happening in my defensive fourth house, I’m not sure how eager I am “to launch a defensive strike in anticipation of future aggression.”

I took a deeper dive into this subject and what I discovered was illuminating. I haven’t really changed my mind about how the aspect will affect me, but I have reconsidered how this aspect will affect others. For that reason, I’m going to keep my thoughts to myself for a couple of weeks.

Yesterday, I predicted that the latter part of this month was going to be terrific. I wrote that it “wouldn’t break my heart if the status quo at my place of employment was shaken up.” I believe that I need to put some faith in the idea that this might happen. This conjunction between Mercury and Pluto in the final degrees of Capricorn will be the last of its kind before Pluto enters Aquarius. This points to a Karmic event for those Gemini individuals who have literally been driving me crazy for the last several years. I can probably sit back and watch them collapse under the weight of their own words. I might get out of this situation with my hands clean if I can keep my big mouth shut.

So, that’s definitely what I’m going to do. Wish me luck!

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