This conjunction between transiting Mercury and my natal Pluto recurs this coming Friday. I believe that keeping my thoughts to myself might be my best strategy to keep moving forward considering all the good things that will be happening in my chart later in the month.

Star Struck Style

“Speaking in Tongues” by the Talking Heads (source: Discogs)

I bought this album when it came out in 1983. It was so good! I still get goosebumps every time I hear the first few notes of “This Must Be the Place.”

Anyway, the album also includes the track “Burning Down the House.” The reason I was thinking about that song is that Mercury conjoined Pluto a few hours ago. For the last several hours, I’ve been really, really, really trying to keep my thoughts to myself because I feel as if I could just go off on someone. For instance, I’d love to tell all the people at my workplace in senior positions exactly what they’re doing wrong, and I wouldn’t mince my words while delivering their “performance review.”

This conjunction is occurring in my defensive fourth house, so maybe I’m just eager to launch a defensive strike in…

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