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Mercury enters my fourth house tomorrow. After that, nothing much is going to happen in my horoscope for several days. But when things start to change, the changes are going to be quite interesting.

On February 17, Venus moves into my sixth house. That’s a good place for Venus to be when I’m trying hard to bring peace and harmony to my place of employment (something I already do on a regular basis). On February 18, the sun moves into my fifth house. That’s a great place for the sun to be in anyone’s chart, and it coincides with the time of the year that the weather starts to warm up rapidly in this part of the world. I’m more outgoing and eager to turn on the charm to get where I want to be. On February 19, Mars makes a move into my ninth house after its retrograde trip back into my eighth house. The red planet is finally starting to pick up speed as it ascends toward the apex of my chart. Perhaps I’ll feel more adventurous and eager to get on the side of righteousness during this twelve-week transit. The main event, however, happens on February 27 when Saturn moves into my fifth house just a few days before Uranus forms a trine with my natal sun — a once-in-a-lifetime final pass of this aspect that first occurred in mid-December.

That’s a lot to think about, and I really don’t know what to make of it. I feel like a baker staring at a bunch of ingredients that I’m familiar with, but I’m not even sure where to start.

It wouldn’t break my heart if the status quo at my place of employment was shaken up. I believe that the astrological events that I’ve mentioned could put me in a position to show off my talents. I’m optimistic about my prospects because I’ve always been able to make something out of nothing. I feel as if I’ve got everything in front of me to ensure my success, but perhaps there are a few too many chefs in the kitchen. Maybe that will change soon. I guess I’ll find out soon enough!

This is all very intriguing to me. I’m sure I’ll revisit many of these upcoming changes to my chart as they occur, so stay tuned for updates. It might be a little easier for me to figure this all out as I go . . .

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