Black Rabbit (source:

The year of the rabbit officially arrives late in the evening when the sun reaches 15° Aquarius in this part of the world.

I go to a website named “Fortune Angel” to read my Chinese horoscopes even though I’m consistently disappointed with the predictions. Anyway, here is what the site has to say about the upcoming year:

“Basically, this period will repeat the same luck as the previous cycle. This period is about your money. You might have to deal with some business related to your parents, elders or people around you in this year. You might have to spend money for learning new material, exchange experience or save face. Therefore, you need to manage your money carefully. Don’t do any risky investments during this period, that way, you can avoid losing money and face all together. The pressure from parents or elders will decrease during the second part of this year. It’s possible, that, you might have to spend money on friends or siblings and even help them to get rid of their money trouble. So you need to remember that any money or investment opportunity suggested from friends or relatives should be avoided. The money pressure will still be there in the end of in this period. You need to control your temper and pay attention to your health. Otherwise, you will spend money on extra medicine expense. Any career competition in this period is unfavorable for you, even if you have many supporters. Also, you have to pay attention to your relationship with your girl. The trouble from your relationship might come from your friends or relatives.”

Not much has changed from last year’s forecast. The line about “career competition” being unfavorable is repeated, which is funny because I actually got a promotion and a big raise last year. I’m making about 50% more money than I was last year at this time. I also have to laugh about the allusion to my friends and relatives coming to me for money. Everyone knows that I’m the last person that they should hit up for a loan! I spend every dime I have on myself.

The one thing that strikes me as accurate, however, is the line that tells me to pay attention to my health. I was just thinking about holding a workshop at work to make people sit and listen to a wellness expert so that they can understand that the reason I handle stress so well is that I actually take care of myself. Making everyone sit in a tedious meeting for two hours listening to a lecture would be sweet revenge for me, and it would make me feel better about every time I had to cover for them when they called in sick. It would improve my mental health to watch them all suffer from the inevitable boredom.

But I digress! I don’t believe that I’m going to put a lot of stock into this annual prediction because I just don’t believe that this alternative astrological system has proven its accuracy. Still, I can’t stop checking out my Chinese horoscope every time a new year begins. I guess I’m just a sucker for punishment . . .

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