Monday, Monday (source: Spotify)

Check out this album cover. It must have been a Monday morning when the graphic designer put those apostrophes where they didn’t belong.

Anyway, I’ve had a rather chaotic week at work. I feel as if I can’t depend upon a lot of the people at my place of employment. To be honest, that’s the story of my life. But there is a little light on the horizon! This coming Monday will see transiting Venus conjoin my natal Saturn and my progressed sun. I would be delighted if Venus’ influence allowed me to start my week on the right foot because it feels as if that hasn’t happened for a while. However, with all these planets joining forces in self-pitying Pisces (and in my self-aggrandizing fifth house), I am afraid that I might be portraying myself as a victim in this current scenario when others around me could have it just as bad.

I’m going to need to be careful and I’m going to need to cultivate the best of my Venusian/Saturnian nature. This should be the sort of day that I can make a power play, but I probably need to sell myself as a savior in this situation and not as a martyr.

The stars have spoken! Now I just have to wait to find out if they were right . . .

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