Venus (source:

The sun conjoins my natal Venus tomorrow. It conjoined my natal Mars yesterday. That means that it’s sitting right in between the two planets as I compose this blog post.

This midpoint is an interesting place in my chart. While I’m currently feeling Venus’ influence (I feel like doing something decadent to reward myself for all the hard work I’ve put in at my place of employment), I’m still reeling from Mars’ influence (I want to lash out at everyone at my place of employment).

Thankfully, there’s nothing else I want to buy before the big sale ends on Mr. Porter. Also, I only have to work four hours today because I’ve put in so much overtime, and I’ll be in a meeting for most of that time with someone who doesn’t cause me to think homicidal thoughts. By the time I get to work this afternoon, the Mars aspect will be a distant memory.

The Venus aspect, however, is only going to get more difficult to deal with tomorrow. I’m going to need to distract myself so that I don’t spend any money on things I don’t need. It’s my day off from work, so it’s going to be difficult trying to avoid the sort of compulsive shopping I seem to do when I’m bored and/or stressed out. On a positive note, the cold weather is going to keep me from straying too far from home, so I won’t spend my day spending money at the mall — something I often do on my day off.

I’m glad this day only comes once a year. I enjoy favorable Venus transits, but they definitely make me behave badly. I guess it’s a good thing that I’ve been though this all before, right?

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