Star Struck Style

johnny-rottenJohn Lydon (source: The Independent)

January 31 is John Lydon’s birthday.

I didn’t know what to think of John Lydon until a few minutes ago when I read his bio on Wikipedia. He’s a complicated guy with a lot of contrarian Aquarius tendencies and a very, very independent streak. I figured that I would find some profound Sagittarius influences in his natal chart, and I was right.

But I’m not really sure just how right I am about the legendary performer. Astrotheme has his time of birth listed as 3:00 AM exactly, which puts his rising sign at 29°10″ Scorpio. Just a few minutes difference and he could have a Sagittarius rising with both Mars and Saturn in Sagittarius in the first house. I could buy that scenario a little more easily than I could buy the one presented on Astrotheme.

I don’t believe that his fierce individuality would…

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