Working full-time in a gym makes me see the benefits of my healthy lifestyle first hand as other people my age struggle to even get up the stairs. I am fortunate to have discovered this path so early in my life.

Star Struck Style

Prevention (source:

I’m a healthy guy. I’ve been a fitness trainer since 1986. I stopped eating meat in 1985. I don’t smoke. I don’t drink very much, and even when I do drink I’m a real lightweight. I don’t do drugs (unless you count the CBD edibles I bought last year when I had shingles). I rarely find myself sleep-deprived, and almost nothing keeps me up at night.

Nevertheless, I could probably be a little healthier. Since I experienced my Chiron return a few years ago, I’ve found myself inching toward an even healthier existence. I don’t binge on salty food any more because I get a figurative salt “hangover” when I eat too many potato chips or similar snacks. I eat far more raw fruits and vegetables than I ever have before, despite the fact that I’ve been a vegetarian since my teens. I even get extra…

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