The Bellagio Conservatory (source: KTNV)

Yesterday, I published a post to declare that I would embrace change during this current cosmic cycle. The planets had lined up in a manner that made me feel as if a failure to adapt to unexpected events would be detrimental to my success. I needed to remind myself that my innate defensiveness can be heightened this time of year, and that having several planets transiting Aquarius can also make me (and almost everyone else) behave like jerks just for the sake of being contrary. Aquarius natives live to be contrary, even when their contrarianism makes them look like idiots.

Anyway, I was reading through my blog posts from the past few years and I discovered that my hunger for change is heightened this time of year. That makes me believe that perhaps I should be going away in late January.

I don’t remember going to Las Vegas in late January or early February before, but maybe I have. I’ve gone for my birthday a couple of times earlier in the month. I have discussed going away during the Christmas holidays a few times, but the logistics of leaving town at that time of year sort of scare me after all the air-travel horror stories I read over this past holiday season.

There are a few interesting things to see in Vegas during the Chinese New Year celebrations. The Conservatory at Bellagio gets decked out for the holiday, and the Shops at Crystals are decorated, as well. The weather is cool at night, so I would be able to wear some different clothes than the summery things I usually take with me. The outlet mall where I like to shop probably gets stocked up just after the clearance season, too. There are probably new arrivals in the stores this time of year.

I’m going to keep these dates in mind when I’m planning my holidays next year. There is something in the stars in late January that makes me eager to put the more humdrum aspects of my life behind me. I believe I need to listen to what the universe is trying to tell me.

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