Star Struck Style

diane-keatonDiane Keaton (source: New York Daily News)

January 5 is Diane Keaton’s birthday.

I adore Diane Keaton. “Annie Hall” is one on my favorite movies of all time, but besides that, she’s just kind of fabulous in all the ways that a Capricorn woman can be fabulous.

Capricorn is often associated with business and industry. Many of the most successful Capricorns in show business have a brand that is their own. What’s interesting to me is that this idea of branding one’s self seems to predate the word “branding.” Capricorn celebrities like Marlene Dietrich, Elvis Presley and David Bowie were doing their own thing and creating branding empires long before most of us were aware of the idea of personal branding.

Keaton’s brand is consistent and very well-defined. She takes menswear staples and wears them in a manner that is both distinctive and feminine. What’s more, she’s been promoting her…

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