Star Struck Style

01_moschino-fw-02-adv-campaign-rianne-van-rompaeyRianne Van Rompaey (source: Moda Divas)

January 3 is Rianne Van Rompaey’s birthday.

A few months ago, I was trying to find out fashion designer Richard Quinn’s birthday. I thought that Sarah Mower might know, so I emailed her. In a bizarre circumstance, she emailed me back telling me that she had just left Richard Quinn’s studio where she had discovered that they share the same birthday: January 3. We’ve made fun of the fact that we’re often on the same wavelength, but that episode was just too weird to believe.

Anyway, a couple of days later, I also found out that Rianne Van Rompaey (arguably the hottest model in the galaxy) shares her birthday with Mower and Quinn. That wasn’t as surprising to me because I’ve been calling the first week of the year “The Week of Incomprehensible Gorgeousness” for years now. It’s been a running joke between…

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