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I haven’t been that energetic over the past few weeks. I had a bad cold for the first time in years, followed by another cold that wasn’t so bad right after I recovered from the first one. I guess that was bound to happen after three years of being virus-free.

Anyway, I’m feeling terrific again just as Mars is about to station in my eighth house. The last time I wrote about a Mars station in 2020, I discussed how the red planet was about to park itself in my seventh house as it turned retrograde, and then I speculated about how I might feel once the planet stationed in my sixth house before it turned direct. At that time, I could definitely understand how those events impacted where I was directing my energy, and how Mars’ station was impairing my ability to direct my energy effectively.

I suppose that I feel the same way right now. However, I can’t really pinpoint a specific way that the planet’s station is affecting a part of my life that is associated with the eighth house. This episode feels somewhat “removed,” if that’s the right word to describe my current state of affairs.

Neither Mars nor the eighth house are personalized in my chart, so maybe that’s why I’m just feeling as if my physical energy is compromised. In 2020, Mars first stationed in my seventh house. I have Libra rising, so that event was personalized by house position. What’s more, it came during the pandemic when I wanted to kill everyone close to me because I felt trapped in my own home.

Thinking about this current Mars station and how generic it feels to me makes me believe that I’m evaluating this episode correctly. It’s not as if a light bulb lit up over my head; I’ve discussed the personalization of planets a million times before on this blog. But it does shine a light on the notion that certain houses will always be personalized in a natal chart. For me, with my Capricorn sun and Libra rising, I’m always going to feel episodes such as planetary stations more acutely in my tenth house and my seventh house. Episodes that occur in my fifth house and eighth house, for instance, are going to be slightly “removed” when compared to the others.

This is a classic predictive technique, but it seems to be overshadowed by so many other methods of forecasting nowadays. I’m glad that my current circumstances have reminded of it, though. Otherwise, I might be obsessing over why I’m not really feeling this Mars station as much as felt it in 2020. Instead, I can pay attention to the things in my chart that are really making a difference in my day-to-day life.

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