“Much Ado About Nothing” (source: genius.com)

Yesterday, I published a post about feeling anxious. Of course, my anxiety dissipated along with the lunar eclipse — just as I predicted. It was much ado about nothing. I ended up having a terrific day at work. I was in charge and everything seemed to go well because I was in charge.

Typically, an eclipse wouldn’t affect me so adversely; this one was actually aligned harmoniously with a few planets in my chart, including my natal sun. Still, it did have my mind racing. I compared it to having too much caffeine before bed.

I can be dismissive when I discuss eclipses on this blog because I believe that many other astrologers overemphasize their importance. But I also instruct my readers to pay more attention to eclipses that form tight aspects to personalized planets and points in their individual horoscopes. This one was 25″ minutes away from an exact sextile with my Capricorn sun and I could feel it in my bones.

How did it affect you? Did it occur in a place in your chart that “personalized” the event? Let me know in the comments section or on one of my social media pages.

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