Star Struck Style

ralph-lauren-gettyRalph Lauren (source: Evening Standard)

October 14 is Ralph Lauren’s birthday.

In both of my books, I discuss Ralph Lauren at length as an ideal representative of the Taurus aesthetic. I’ve known that he was a Libra for as long as I’ve been writing about fashion astrology, but I’ve never looked at his chart before.

I wasn’t sure what to expect. Nevertheless, I was surprised to see that he has the moon, Mercury and Venus in Scorpio, Mars in Aquarius, and both Jupiter and Saturn in Aries. None of those placements reveal a guy who has made Americana his shtick. In fact, if I was to consider those planetary placements without knowing to whom they belonged, I would guess that this chart belonged to someone like Calvin Klein — the other crown prince of American fashion. Klein used media in an innovative fashion (Mars in Aquarius), pushed rebellion and…

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